Children’s Membership Plan

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Benefits of joining our plan include:

  • Preventative approach to ensuring your child’s mouth stays healthy
  • Regular dietary & tooth brushing advise
  • Global Accident & Emergency Scheme protecting your child should they damage their teeth
  • Reduces the risk of oral disease and the need for invasive treatments
  • Simple & quick to join with affordable monthly Direct debit payments
  • 10% discount on dental treatment
  • 2 dental examinations
  • Fluoride varnish application
  • X-rays as clinically necessary (for over 12 only)

Our dental Plans

Children’s Plans do not cover:

  • Laboratory fees and prescriptions
  • Any treatment other than that listed above
  • Referral to a specialist and specialist treatment
  • Treatment carried out anywhere other than by your registered dentist

  • Orthodontics, implants, cosmetic treatment

  • Sedation fees

Becoming a member is quick and simple

You can set up your monthly Direct Debit payment at reception or by getting in touch with the practice.

Global Dental A & E Assistance Scheme

Our dental plans include access to a Global Dental Accident and Emergency Assistance Scheme. The Scheme is established to offer support to patients who request assistance or treatment following an accident, a dental emergency or are diagnosed with mouth cancer.

Whilst the scheme aims to provide benefits in most cases, the scheme is a wholly discretionary scheme, not an insurance scheme. It has no obligation to provide benefits and the Scheme Manager will look at each request individually to decide whether or not to provide benefits.

Further details are available from the practice or you can visit to find out more.

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